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Working Dispensaries for COVID vaccination In Matiala Vidhansabha

Updated: Mar 4

These are the working dispensaries in Dwarka n nearby:

Dghc Sec 14

Dghc Sec12

Dghc sec 19

Cghs Sec 9

Cghs sec 23

Dwarka court Sec 10

Dghc Sec-2

Phc Palam

Cghs Palam

Mansaram park


Kanganheri village

Jhatikra village

Daulatpur village

Rawta village

*All village (except palam) dispensaries are in matiala vidhansabha only and you will enjoy the drive. Also hv vaccination in safe environment*


45+ citizen either for 1st dose or 2nd dose can go these dispensaries after booking slot to avoid any hassels.

For 2nd dose, if you are not getting slot or not able to register then go after 3pm fir direct registration also at the venue itself. But risk of refusing can b there as every dispensary has limited stock per day.


Madhuri Varshney

*Happy Vaccination🙂*


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