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Unlock the Excitement Explore Dwarka's Vibrant Entertainment Hub!


Step into the dynamic world of entertainment in Dwarka, Delhi, where a myriad of experiences awaits to captivate your senses.


Stay updated with the latest happenings and immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of cultural delights right here at SmartCityDwarka.


From live music gigs that set the night on fire to theatrical performances that transport you to different worlds, our vibrant community offers an eclectic mix of entertainment options for all tastes and preferences.


Discover the hottest concerts featuring top artists, indulge in the magic of cinema at our state-of-the-art theaters, or lose yourself in the rhythm of dance performances that leave you spellbound.


Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to our bustling city, there's always something exciting to explore in the entertainment scene of Dwarka, Delhi.


Prepare to ignite the stage and unleash your musical power. The Battle of Bands beckons all maestros of melody to electrify the night with mind-blowing performances. 🎵

Let your sonic innovation run wild and let the competitive groove dominate the scene. 🎤🏆

Date: September 23rd & 24th


Location: Studio Twenty One, Pacific D21 Mall

Age: 18 and above Free Registration


Unleash your musical talents and compete for cash prizes up to ₹30,000!

Battle of Bands
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