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Family in Dwarka Delhi make Face shields for Policemen as donations.

Updated: Mar 4

It is a tough time for all of us while people are sitting at home, Delhi Police is doing a tremendous job by working on ground during the tough time.

Many people are coming forward for donations to help the people fighting the pandemic and a family from Dwarka came up with a idea to make Face shields for Policemen through 3D printing to help the front line Warriors Delhi police.

Face Shield

Image courtesy: Afterskool Innovations, Facebook page.

In a interview with @ANI

The family of Abhinav Singhal helps in making these face shields which are donated to several offices including those of police.

Talking about the initiative, Abhinav said: "We train students for 3D printing in schools. We prepared a lot of shields because we had 3D printers. We donated these shields to various offices."

interview of abhinav

Image courtesy FACEBOOK.

He informed that every evening, the family sits for a few hours to make these shields which are donated the next morning.

"The aim remains same -- We don't have to sell. We have donated over 1000 shields so far across different sectors," said Abhinav.

About the corona helmet, Abhinav said they got to know that Policemen are using them to raise awareness about the deadly diease.

Ayan, his son said that he enjoys helping in creating those shields "very much". (ANI)


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