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Coronavirus: Urine-filled bottles thrown from quarantine centre

Updated: Mar 4

A case has been registered against unknown people for allegedly throwing bottles filled with urine from a quarantine centre in Sector 16 in Dwarka in the adjacent area, police said on Wednesday.

The FIR was registered against unknown people on Tuesday after police received a complaint from a DUSIB employee who was on duty at the quarantine centre, they said.


"At around 6 pm, civil defence personnel deputed at quarantine centre situated at DUSIB flats 16 B Dwarka, came to me and intimated that two bottles were lying in the open area (pump house) which appeared to be filled with urine. It is assumed that t...

The complainant also mentioned the flat numbers and said that the residents were suspected to be behind the act. The intention behind the indecent activity of throwing bottles filled with urine may be to spread coronavirus among other people, the FI...

content Courtesy: Deccanhearld, PTI

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