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Residents of Dwarka demand footover bridges to be built in the area.

Updated: Mar 4

Residents of Dwarka Delhi are facing a major problem while crossing roads. The roads are too wide and the traffic is too heavy, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross safely.

Residents demand footover bridges

To address this issue, the residents have demanded footover bridges to be built in the area.

This will not only make it easier for pedestrians to cross roads but also reduce the risk of accidents due to heavy traffic.

A press release of DDA says that 4 Foot over Bridges with the total cost of Rs 12 crore, was scheduled to be completed in August 2020 and none have been made.

The footover bridges will provide a safe and convenient way for people to move around Dwarka Delhi without having to worry about their safety.

It will also help reduce traffic congestion in the area by providing an alternate route for pedestrians in Dwarka sector 1 and Dwarka sector 3, Near NSIT.

The residents hope that their demand is met soon so that they can enjoy a safer and more comfortable commute in Dwarka Delhi.


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