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Operations of Indira Gandhi Hospital for COVID patients will start next week.

Updated: Mar 4

The operations of Indira Gandhi Hospital, Dwarka, started as a dedicated Covid facility on Saturday. Initially, it has started with a partial capacity of 250 beds, which will be scaled up gradually. However, it is a 900 bedded facility.

Seniors Hub Dwarka, a registered NGO set up for the senior citizens of Dwarka sub city, had undertaken the drive to highlight the delay in the opening of the super specialty hospital in Sector 9.


The issue was taken up with both the central and state governments through email, Twitter, WhatsApp groups and online petition. This drive had received great response from Dwarkites.

Encouraged by the drive, many Dwarkites had also sent mails to Delhi CM urging him to open it immediately. The same is the case with Twitter, where it was being tweeted and re-tweeted by many.


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