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International Institute of Health Management Research - IIHMR

Updated: Mar 13

The International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) is a premier institution in India that focuses on the management and research aspects of healthcare and public health. IIHMR is dedicated to improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of healthcare services and systems in India and globally.


IIHMR offers various educational programs and conducts research in areas related to health management, hospital administration, healthcare policy, and public health. Some of the key activities and functions of IIHMR include:

1. Education: IIHMR provides postgraduate and doctoral programs in health management and related fields, preparing students for leadership roles in healthcare organizations and the public health sector.

2. Research: The institute conducts research studies and projects to address pressing healthcare challenges, generate data-driven insights, and contribute to evidence-based policymaking in healthcare.

3. Training and Capacity Building: IIHMR offers training and capacity-building programs for healthcare professionals, administrators, and policymakers to enhance their skills and knowledge in healthcare management and leadership.

4. Consultancy: The institute provides consultancy services to healthcare organizations, government agencies, and NGOs to help them improve their healthcare delivery systems and management practices.

IIHMR plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare management and research in India and serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and policymakers seeking to address the complex challenges in the healthcare sector.

Mission of IIHMR:

IIHMR Delhi is an institution dedicated to the improvement in standards of health through better management of health care and related programs. It seeks to accomplish this through management research, training, consultation and institutional networking in a national and global perspective.

IIHMR Dwarka

Vision of the Promoting Body

IIHMR is a premier institute in health management education, training, research, program management and consulting in the health care sector globally. The Institute is known as a learning organization with its core values as quality, accountability, trust, transparency, sharing knowledge and information. The Institute aims to contribute for social equity and development through its commitment to support programs which aiming poor and the deprived population.

Capabilities and Thrust Areas

  1. Two year AICTE approved post graduate program in Hospital and Health Management

  2. Planning, Designing and Conducting Management Development Program for Healthcare Professionals

  3. Health Care Information Technology

  4. Planning and Management of Hospital and Primary Health Care Services

  5. Institutional Capacity Development and Networking

  6. Project Planning, Management and Evaluation

  7. Operations Research

  8. Economic and Financial Analysis

  9. Survey Research

  10. Social Assessment

  11. Quality Assurance and Accreditation

  12. Health Insurance

  13. e - learning

Address: International Institute of Health Management Research,

Plot no. 3, Sector 18A, Dwarka, Phase-II, New Delhi- 110075,

Phone: 01130418900

Recruiting Companies:

ACCENTURE | Apollo Hospitals | Asian Institute of Medical Sciences | Batra Hospital | CARE | Dell | Deloitte | Fortis Hospital | FresCo | HP | Jaipur Golden Hospital | Jaypee Group | Maharaja Agrasen Hospital | max healthcare | Medanta | Mool Chand Hospitals | Paras Hospitals | Park Hospital | Pathfinder | Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital | Rockland Hospitals | Sterling Hospitals | SYNTEL


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