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Gangster's get caught while partying in Dwarka

Updated: Mar 4

On Saturday, Gangster's get caught by Delhi Police in a party that was being hosted and attended by 40 gangsters and their associates in Pochanpur village of Dwarka. Turns out, they were celebrating the release of a fellow gangster, Sunny Nandi, who was released from prison on interim bail on August 8.

Gangster Caught

As per a PTI report, Sunny, who is a part of Delhi’s notorious Naveen Khati gang, was accused of robbery and a double murder. However, he got bail to seek medical support and assistance until August 31, 2020.

On the night of his release, police received information that a party was being organised at Shree Shyam Vakita in village Pochanpur, Dwarka by Sunny’s associates.

The other attendees have been booked for violating social distancing norms which disallow more than 10 people from gathering in one place. Police recovered five illegal firearms from 5 people. These five people, having previous criminal records, were booked under the Arms Act.


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