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Dwarka- Najafgarh metro line work resumes in Between Lockdown.

Updated: Mar 4

Amid lockdown, development work resumes for Delhi Metro projects!

The construction work for Delhi Metro’s Phase IV project as well as the extension of the Airport Express Line and Grey Line (Dwarka-Najafgarh), has been resumed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).


Following the guidelines issued by Uniom Home Ministry in India, construction work was allowed for the construction sites where labour are already present and has been tested by the proper norms for COVID-19.

According to DMRC, the corporation had about 3,500 workers available, at present, across five to six various sites in the city including actual work sites of Dhansa, expansion work on Airport Express Line in Dwarka as well as sites and casting yards for Delhi Metro’s Phase IV projects. While resuming construction work, the guidelines set by the government agencies are being implemented and workers have been sensitized about the precautionary guidelines. At the work sites, displays with important information regarding social distancing are being installed. Also, sanitizers, masks and thermal scanners are being provided to workers at the sites.


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