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Cyber crime Cell in Dwarka warns Dwarka resident for whatsapp Scams

Updated: Mar 4

The Cyber crime division of Delhi Police has started alerting the Whats App users about the new kind of scam ; Whatsapp Scams which has been unfolded in the city by the scamsters. The scamsters are hijacking the Whats App accounts of the users to carry out financial transactions.

As per reports, the fraudsters are taking over the account so that they can communicate with friends and family. 

Cyber Scam

Delhi Police has released a series of tweets informing people to beware of such attacks. As per them, the scamsters are aiming to lock out users by using Whats App’s two factor authentication. 

The Delhi Police explained that the fraudsters attempt to obtain Whats App verification PIN using fake account using Whats App logo as the display picture. 

The fraudsters create a fake account posing as Whats App technical team’s account. Then they ask for six-digit verification PIN to verify the identity. 

“The target is easily tricked when they see the message coming from an account appearing to be the official team account and share the PIN. In reality, the attacker is trying to login from his/her device into the target's Whats App user account to hijack the account,” explained Delhi Police.

“If the target divulges the PIN to the attacker, the account gets hijacked. The attackers can then leverage their access to the hijacked account to further send fraudulent messages to friends and family of the target, asking for money, PIN, OTP, etc,” said Delhi Police.


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