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Alcohol was being served illegally in a club in Sector 7, police arrested the manager

Updated: Mar 4

The period of lockdown carried out across the country due to Corona is now in. But during this time, the business of serving liquor has started in the guise of a restaurant in the capital Delhi, Dwarka Area .

illegal alcohol

The latest case is of Dwarka Sector 7, where the Excise Department raided Thursday night and busted Alcohol was being served illegally in Bullet Cafe. It consisted of about 35 to 40 youths, among whom are both young men and women. While doing all this party, along with alcohol and hookah. The police has arrested the manager of the club in this case.

Apart from this, the DVR of CCTV installed in the club has also been confiscated. The Excise Department says that it may be that in this past, parties have been secretly organized in this way. The matter is currently being investigated.


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