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2 women killed as fire Erupts in Pacific Apartment, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi. The blaze reportedly started on one of the apartment in 10th floor.

Updated: Mar 4

Residents of Pacific Apartment in Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi, were met with chaos and distress as a fire broke out earlier today an.

Fire Erupts in Pacific Apartment

According to Delhi police, a Pcr call was recieved about fire a in flat no: 502 where the fire broke due to a gas leak.

The fire started from 5th floor and reached the flat at 4th floor also.

During the incident, two women took a massive step to jump from the baclony while firefighters were trying to stop the blaze. With one being rescued by firefighters. Unfortunately, the other woman sustained severe injuries and is currently hospitalized in critical condition.

Apprantely an aged woman of 83 years died in the blaze while she was not able to come out of her room.

Both were rushed to the nearby hospital where Jasuri Devi was declared brought dead after suffering serious head injuries and Pooja Pant is undergoing treatment, said Garg.


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