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A Senior citizen couple was beaten by a Man in Dwarka for feeding Stray Dogs.

Updated: Mar 4

Feeding stray dogs is customary among many animals lovers in the city. During fixed hours of the day, these waging buddies eagerly wait for them to turn up with their delicious meals.

feeding street dogs

The entire incident is about two senior citizens, Mrs.Nita Chabhra (68 years) and Mr.Vinesh Chabhra(71 years) who only have each other in the name of family and reside in Dwarka Sector - 12 who were beaten up by a Man living in Shubham Apartment sector 12 last year in 2019 and still are threatened during lockdown for doing so.

According to the eye witness who is also a resident of Dwarka Sector 4.

It was in October 2019 when one day I was going to pick my mother from Dwarka sector - 12 metro station and saw one senior citizen couple feeding some stray dogs right in front of the Government School of Sector - 12, Dwarka.

I stopped just to see what was happening as I couldn't help but notice that one middle aged man was arguing with the old man.

Suddenly that Man started hitting uncle (Mr.Chabbra) and knocked him out on the ground.I could not resist myself to intervene and ended up in a fight with that Man.

I sent him back to his house in Shubham Apartments assuring the situation was in control and uncle's wife who was also present there went ahead and called up the police for further help.On learning about the matter, many people gathered around and I told uncle that I would be back after dropping my Mother back home as I was the only one who was a eye witness to the entire incident.

In a matter of 10 minutes while I came back that man barged in again with his teenage son and both of them started beating the elderly couple. Some people who were present there tried stopping them from doing so.

Finally, the Police came, Mr.and Mrs.Chabbra filed a FIR against both the man and his son and being the sole witness I made sure to help them by recording my statement with the police favouring the couple's helplessness and suffering.

Later, the couple resumed their daily routine and again started feeding the same group of stray dogs with food and medicines as they are the only one who take care of them.

street dogs

During the lockdown this couple was regularly feeding stray dogs with food and looking after their medical needs on daily basis.

Two week back during the lockdown the same man and his son started fighting with the elderly couple again to stop feeding the dogs claiming that one stray dog has scratched his son and has again threatened them for physical assualt.

The people who were passing by, stopped and stood for the couple.

Police was called in again and the entire incident ended.

To our surprise, next day the Man filed a

complant again the old couple for feeding stray dogs.

The couple is seriously worried and have no clue what to do as the court hearing will take time due to pandemic and they still wish to Feed those dogs feeling responsible towards looking after them as they take care of them with their own Money and Efforts.

Eventhough The high court also asked the Delhi government to issue travel passes on sympathetic grounds to animal welfare volunteers during the lockdown, as per advocate Gauri Puri who appeared for the petitioner.

animal welfare board circular

If in any way you wish to help the couple you can get in touch with the eye Witness Rachit Bakshi at +91-9873643278 or


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