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A 12 year old boy spends 50 days in park during lockdown before he reunites with his parents.

The largest COVID-19 national lockdown in the world has been extended to May 3. As of April 22, India has reported 18 985 confirmed cases and 603 deaths from COVID-19 in 31 states and union territories since its first case on Jan 30.

The child name Vishal had lost all hope of finding his family until strangers from across states came together to get him home.

A 12 year old boy spends 50 days in park in Dwarka during COVID-19 until he was reunited with his parents two days ago.

lost child spend 50 days
Source: Tribune India

From then on until two days ago, when Vishal got home, Yogita, a Dwarka local, took charge of caring for the child. With friends from across Delhi, she arranged the boy’s meals for days and kept a daily watch on his health to check for COVID-19 symptoms.

Speaking to The Tribune about how human bonding triumphed in times of tragedy, Sneha, one of the people who helped Vishal, said, “By the time we spotted him, Vishal had become too frail. He told us that his parents live in Delhi but had left him at a relatives’ house before the lockdown to travel to their native village in Bihar’s Samastipur for some work. The relative, he said, refused to keep him which was how he landed in a park. Vishal knew nothing about his parents except that they had gone to Samastipur.”


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